Cooper Gensets

With increasing industrialisation and development of technology, the need for economical, dependable and available-on-demand electric power is constantly on the rise. However, the availability of electric power has not kept pace with industrial growth. To bridge this gap between demand and supply, Copper Corporation has done extensive in-house research and has partnered with Ricardo, UK, to launch a truly stand-apart genre of generators.

Available in diesel and gas, these rugged gensets provide best-in-class solutions for standby power with minimal CapEx & OpEx spend. The compactness of the genset accrues enormous cost savings for the customer in terms of space requirements especially in areas where space is a luxurious investment.

We have 5 kVA gensets, 10 kVA gensets, 15 kVA gensets to up to 250 kVA gensets that are used across industries, from running small retail shops, ATMs, cafes, restaurants, homes to providing power to corporate buildings, schools, hospitals, malls, factories to huge sectors like mining, defence, construction etc.

5 kVA gensets,10 kVA gensets,15 kVA gensets

Genset Assembly and Manufacturing

Quality is at our core

Powered by Cooper’s own engines, these engines are assembled at our dedicated state-of-the-art Engines and Generators (gensets)Plant,
consisting of two facilities for testing and assembly.

Engine Assembly

    2-cylinder Cooper Engines' assembly line
  • Fully automated
  • A capacity of assembling more than 18,000 engines per year
  • Precision auto-manufacturing
  • Online leak testing facility
    3/4/6 Cylinder Cooper Engines' assembly line
  • Fully automated
  • A capacity of assembling more than 18,000 engines per year
  • Precision auto-manufacturing
  • Online leak testing facility

Engine Testing

The testing facility consists of engine testbeds which are designed to test the compliance of the assembled engine with its ratings, performance and capacity (load). There are 3 testbeds for 2-cylinder Cooper Engines and 2 testbeds for 3/4/6 Cylinder Cooper Engines. In the 5-mode test, generators (gensets)are tested for speed, power, fuel consumption, engine temperature and pressure, blowby and exhaust. In the 8-mode test, the variable speed of engines in tractors and other heavy-duty engines are checked. And, the 13-mode test is carried out for automotive (variable speed engine).

Horiba Testing Facility

Cooper Corp also has an in-house emission testing facility installed by Horiba Japan. This testbed has been commissioned for testing the swirl movement and emission levels of all the bigger engines (3/4/6 Cylinder Cooper Engines)

There are also Cold Testing and Hot Testing testbeds commissioned to test all the engines.

Discover the power of Cooper

Cooper Generators (gensets)are powered by Cooper’s own engines and offer superior advantages

  • Lower life-cycle cost
  • Future-ready emission practices
  • Available in 5 to 500 kVA ratings
  • Powered by Cooper 2,3,4 & 6 cylinder engines
  • Engine specially designed by Ricardo, UK
  • Electric Engine Management System
  • CRDi engine for 2-cylinder version
  • Inline, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled engines with four valves per cylinder
  • Safety features included
  • Lowest fuel and lube oil consumption in its class
  • Four times quieter
  • 40% smaller in size
  • 40% lighter in weight
  • Emission compliant even with the US & European norms
  • CPCB II approved silent & super silent options
Diesel Generator (geneset) manufacturers

Diesel Generators

Being a leading Diesel generator manufacturer, Cooper Corporation designs diesel-powered generators (gensets)that redefine performance efficiency. These DG sets are fitted with our own four-stroke liquid cooled gas engines and further equipped with Common Rail Direct Injection (CRDi) technology developed in partnership with Ricardo (UK).

  • Up to 40% lighter, requiring 25% less space than any comparable generators
  • Unmatched fuel efficiency, a lube oil consumption of only 0.01% of the fuel used
  • A maintenance interval of five hundred hours and a B10 life of seven thousand hours
  • Fitted with ECU and optimal remote-control ECU modules that control all critical engine functions and parameters
  • Euro IV, US Tier IV (interim) and CPCB 2 compliant
  • Noise levels range from 75-57 dbA at one metre under free field conditions, much less than any of our competition
  • Well-trained network of service dealers pan-India to provide prompt and efficient after-sales service

Gas Generators

Cooper Corporation is a renowned Gas generator manufacturer specialising in super silent gas-powered generators, with power ranging from 10 KVA - 140 KVA (1.2L to 7.8L).

  • Double overhead camshaft and four valves per cylinder
  • Developed as per state-of-the-art CRDi technology.d
  • Safety switches and sensors to regulate water temp./oil pressure/ over speeding /IMV/rail pressure
  • Lowest fuel and oil consumption in its class
  • Compliant with emission regulations (Euro IV, US EPA Tier IV interim and CPCB Stage 2)
Gas Generators (Gensets)