The Cooper Legacy

Nestled on the banks of the majestic Krishna river in the idyllic foothills of grand mountains and forts such as Ajinkya Tara, Sajjangad, Jarandeshwar, you will find Cooper Corporation astutely and discreetly redefining business, spearheading innovation and serving our customers worldwide.

The Cooper family has been in Satara for more than a 100 years. It has a chequered career and has established its name in many diverse fields ranging from agriculture, education, social reform, politics, liquor, engineering, and industry in general.

Its name is associated with many luminaries like Chatrapati Bhonsale Scions, Yashwantrao Chavan, Prabhodhankar Thackeray, Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil, Dr. Ambedkar, Veer Savarkar, Walchand, Kirloskar, Kalyani, great reformer Keshavrao Vichare and Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj of Kolhapur.

Sir Dhanjisha B. Cooper started from humble beginnings where his father, Bomanjee Cooper worked as a carpenter in a distillery repairing barrels and hence the name Cooper which means a carpenter making barrels became the family name.

From this level, Sir D. B. Cooper went into the business of buying land and planting date palm trees from which he extracted toddy and sold it throughout the state through retail counters.

Simultaneously, he was actively running a number of liquor shops throughout the erstwhile state of Bombay Presidency.

Being an entrepreneur, he utilized his profits into starting a small company in Satara Road making ploughs, agriculture equipment, and later on diesel engines. Eventually the company became known as Cooper Engineering Limited.

In those days of the British Rule, it was difficult for an Indian to establish an industry anywhere leave aside the rural areas . He was one of three families- the other two being Kirloskar and Ogale who chose to locate their factories on one common railway line.

With this foresight the company Cooper Engineering grew in later years under the joint ownership of Walchand into a multi-faceted engineering company making diesel engines, machine tools, looms etc.

Cooper Corporation Pvt.Ltd Area

However, in later years Sir D. B. Cooper sold Cooper Engineering to Walchand group who continued for many decades to run the company as Cooper Engineering Limited in recognition of his respect for Sir D. B. Cooper.

Sir D. B. Cooper was ably assisted by his only son Nariman D. Cooper who despite being an agriculture graduate, took to looking after the running of Cooper Engineering on a day to day basis.

Here too, Walchand being a pioneer in his own right was interested in making automobiles and he was looking out for a company to make engines and hence our association grew.

Sir D B Cooper a man of the masses, public causes, human relations, rural development and industry. He was always in politics at the local level in the municipality, local board, educational institutes, and agriculture and being his first love he eventually became a cabinet member of the erstwhile Bombay Presidency and later on was Prime Minister of Bombay Presidency which consisted of a territory from the Runn of Kutch to Karnataka.

Cooper Corporation Pvt.Ltd Internal Area

80 to 90 years ago in his time, he did aerial survey of draught prone areas and created a string of percolation tanks to improve water levels in the soil.

He also played a role in making farmers debt free from the strangled hold of money lenders.

He was a pioneer in developing biological methods for eradication of weeds. His programme to propagate a certain type of insect which would destroy the growth of cactus plants in the field which was a menace at that time.

During his tenure he was one of the first person to think of compulsory free adult education for all.

He was one of the trustees along with District Judge and District Collector for the late senior Chh. Pratapshing Raje Bhosale of Satara.

He also played a pivotal role in the adoption process of Chh. Shahu Raje of Satara which was responsible for maintaining the authority and rule of the Raja of Satara who is a direct descendent of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

Sir D. B. Cooper was a man of the great foresight and the solid foundation that he laid has stood the next generations of Coopers in good stead accruing in the growth of Cooper in the National and International engineering scenario.

Cooper is now a name to be reckoned with in the foundry, engine components and engine industry with exports going across the globe.

He has received many commendable compliments in the autobiography of the late Yashwantrao Chavan, Dr. Ambedkar.

Cooper Corporation

Untimely deaths took its toll on the family fortunes with the demise of both Nariman D. Cooper and later on Sir D. B. Cooper in quick succession in 1944 and 1947 respectively.

During the interim period of 1947 to 1960 the late Homai Nariman Cooper took the mantle on herself to look after all the assets and properties in Satara till such time Satara Industrial Work started.

After that there was a lull in our industrial activities till April 1960 when the late Lalchand Hirachand helped us start a small machine shop in Satara called Satara Industrial Works which the late Saam N. Cooper ran for 7 years before he too was involved in a road accident in 1968 after which Mr. Farrokh N. Cooper became involved in the business.

From 1968 to 1982 our primary business was machining of cylinder liners and crankshafts and since we did not have a foundry, the growth and prospects of the company were limited .Hence we took the decision to start the foundry in 1982 to become an independent, autonomous, cost effective business entity.

Satara Industrial Works became Cooper Metals Pvt. Ltd. and later on 29th January 1982, Cooper Foundry Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated by Mr. Farrokh N. Cooper.

Since then for the last five decades, under the leadership of Mr. Farrokh Cooper, Cooper Corporation (formerly Cooper Foundry) has grown to become a prominent engineering company, manufacturing and supplying to world’s renowned manufacturers, a wide range of automotive products and acting as OEM supplier of centrifugally cast cylinder liners, sleeves, cylinder heads, compacted graphite castings, aluminum castings and machined large engine crankshafts. The company took a big leap forward in 2007 and started manufacturing 2, 3, 4 &6 cylinder gaseous and diesel engines and generating sets in the range of 5 kVA to 500 kVA.

Now Cooper Corporation is a group of eleven manufacturing sites engaged in researching, designing, manufacturing and supplying precision engineered products worldwide.

1921 Foundry begins manufacture of first Indian Made all iron Plough
1922 Built India’s first Diesel Engine in association with Imperial Keighly and in association with Duncan Stratton
1923 Manufacture of Power Oil Expellers (groundnut decorticator), crushers and sugarcane crushers
1940 Manufacture of Hattersley Power looms
1942 Manufacture of CB, CC, CD types of Horizontal Diesel Engines
1943 Manufacture of N D Lathe, Capstan Lathe in collaboration with Alfred Herbert
1945 KCEO Model, Diesel Road Roller, Cooper Burn type road roller introduced
1949 Manufacture of RCB / RCC horizontal diesel engines, medium speed horizontal diesel engine, designed by Mr. Tom Craven AMI Mech
1954 CR26 Ricardo Comet III diesel engine introduced, followed by CR19, CR14, CR40 & CR50
1962 Started Production at Cooper Metals
1982 Foundation of Cooper Foundry Pvt Ltd.
2005 Cooper Foundry Pvt Ltd turns into Cooper Corporation
2006 Manufacture of Cylinder Heads
2007 Contract for Design of most modern Euro IV compliant CRDi Engine family with Ricardo
Commenced operations in our Export Oriented Unit (EOU)
2008 Manufacture of Wind Power Castings
2009 Undertaken Project of 2 Cyl Engine & Genset Business Our R&D centre is recognized by the Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India
2010 Govt. of Maharashtra confers upon us a “Mega Project” Status
2011 3, 4 & 6 Cylinder Engine Development Programme started
2013 Railways business – Laser hardening project for Liner, Head, Piston
Aluminum Foundry division – GDC, LPDC, HPDC
2014 Established new foundry plant & machine shop at K-10
Robotic line for machines started
2015 Shifted to new corporate office
Contract for Design – an extension of our most modern engine family with Ricardo, from 3.5kva to 1000 kva
Installed automatic 8-head carousel centrifugal casting machine
5-robotic cell for machining under commissioning
Tractor Project is under development