About Cooper Generators

Meeting Energy Needs with Cooper Corp Generators

With global competitiveness on the rise, the success of present-day economies hinges largely on economic, dependable and available-on-demand electric power.

Consequently, the demand for electrical power is on the rise. Experts anticipate a global consumption in the range of 36 to 82 PWh by the year 2050. In recent years, India’s energy consumption has risen at one of the fastest rates in the world. It is a well-documented fact however that the availability of electric power has not kept pace with industrial growth. The gap between demand and supply has been widening by the day.

In-house research and strategic alliances with partners such as Ricardo, UK, have culminated in the launch of a truly stand-apart genre of power generators. Powered by Cooper engines in diesel, LPG or CNG, these rugged generators provide best in class solutions for standby power with minimal capex & opex spend.

The compactness of the generators accrues in enormous cost savings for the customer in terms of space requirements in areas where space is at a premium

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